Revolutionize Your Business with a Game-Changing Disruption Strategy: Empowering Companies to Transform Themselves

We help Defense, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing companies disrupt themselves through strategy, innovation, acquisition using our industry-specific subject matter experts & proven proprietary SiA (Strategy in Action) software.

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The pace of innovation is accelerating. Customers are demanding more and competitors are catching up faster than ever before.

The BIG Wave Group helps your company survive and thrive in the age of disruption by providing deep expertise, a game plan, and software tools that drive strategy, innovation, acquisition – it's all we do.

The Big Wave Group - The Problem

The Problem

“Strategy is key to the success of every organization.”

Many companies in defense, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing struggle to stay ahead of the competition, achieve sustainable growth, and proactively drive their business forward.

The consequences of not addressing these challenges can be dire, leading to lost market share, decreased revenue, and increased risk.

The Big Wave Group - The Solution

The Solution

At The BIG Wave Group, we provide tailored solutions that leverage our network of subject matter experts and our proprietary software platform, SiA (Strategy in Action), to help you overcome these challenges and achieve success. We put your leadership team in a winning position - leveraging proven strategy workflow, insightful data, all augmented by our subject matter experts.

Who is The BIG Wave Group for?


Companies that work in domestic and international defense markets, with engineered products, services or technology that supports warfighters around the world.


Companies that work with highly regulated, complex products and services supporting commercial and defense applications of aerospace components and technologies.

Industrial & Advanced Manufacturing

Companies that have IP and engineered products (hardware or software) either in production or in transition to production operations.

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What’s included in the SiA software platform?

Find out how our SiA platform can help you.


SiA guides and supports data gathering and analysis and produces actionable insights to support your strategic planning.


SiA streamlines your Strategic planning, helping you choose the right strategic priorities, define Objective and Key Results and initiatives, and simulate the expected benefits, costs and investments.


SiA facilitates the involvement of your organization in the strategic initiatives, projects and priorities while providing them with clarity on the bigger picture throughout the implementation.


SiA automates the process of monitoring progress and generates review dashboards to enable frequent adjustments to the strategic and operating plans.


Strengthen your company’s knowledge! Discover a vast library of training material: videos, articles, and case studies in bite-size modules for individual learning.

Discover the Power of SiA

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the comprehensive features of SiA software.

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  • "We used the SIA (Strategy in Action) platform for multiple engagements while I was at Ultra Maritime. Both the process and the platform are excellent tools for ensuring a structured process is followed in developing your strategy. It forces your team to ask all the right questions and consider the important implications for your future. Once loaded, the platform provides a unique environment to keep all of your initiatives on track and connected. I highly recommend SIA to any company looking for expert guidance and a powerful software platform to drive success."

    Thomas Link

    Former President @ Ultra Electronics - Maritime

  • "As a former CTO of a defense company, I was impressed with the SiA (Strategy in Action) software platform. The SiA software provided valuable insights and data, helping us identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to further drive growth. I would highly recommend the SiA software platform to any company in the defense industry."

    Fred Cotaras

    Former CTO @ Ultra Electronics - Maritime

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