The BIG Wave Group offers three engagement options to help your business grow

They include:  Virtual Advisory Board Service™, Customized Executive Strategy Consulting, and Focused Strategy Development Program


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The BIG Wave Group - The Solution

Virtual Advisory Board Service™

VABS Detailed PDF

Offers many of the advantages of traditional Boards at a fraction of the expense. Our unique Virtual Advisory Board Service™ provides access to the full range of our seasoned executives to meet your evolving business needs. *Advisory service only. Does not replace or assume legal Board of Directors authorities and/or responsibilities.

Features Include:

  • Board experience matched to your specific needs
  • The Board is fluid/interchangeable over time as your business evolves
  • Access to a full range of Season Executives with Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Review monthly status, Monthly Board Meetings, Annual Meeting
  • Monthly subscription fee with quarterly commitment
  • Impartial strategic, operational and technical guidance with support
  • Virtual meetings to reduce cost and provide maximum impact
  • Flexible to change as your business grows

Custom Executive Strategy Consulting

Offers access to our full team of Seasoned Executives with Industry-Specific Expertise to contribute to your business growth. We help companies Focus, Fix and Grow. A wide range of topics can be addressed. We will meet to discuss how our team can best support your business to create long term value and ROI.

Features Include:

  • Fractional Executive: CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CMO+
  • Growth/IP Strategies & Exit Strategies
  • DoD Strategy & DoD Compliance
  • Sales Strategies & Strategic Partnership options
  • Organizational Structure & Executive Team Assessments
  • Market Assessment & Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Financial Reports & Operational Assessments
  • Merger/Acquisition & Fundraising opportunities


Focused Strategy Development Program

Offers a focused complete strategy development process for one company that allows for deep company participation, thus creating long term value. The focused program requires your key executive team to participate to accelerate the process.

Features Include:

  • Detailed overview of each SiA module, with training videos and supplemental materials
  • Access to completed Demo Strategies to accelerate learning as examples
  • Content delivered by Certified Strategy Professionals
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts in your industry
  • Your strategy developed over 1-4 months, delivered in a mix of in-person and remote sessions, customized to fit your timeline and business needs
  • Optional in-person sessions to kick-off and conclude program
  • Pre-work assignments and in-session work required by executive team
  • Offline sessions with your team to ensure a cross section of contributors, diversity of inputs and team buy-in
  • Access to SiA platform for your business that accelerates your strategy internally
  • Direct access to SiA support team as needed

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