SiA Platform

The SiA Platform - Business Strategy Software

We expertly deliver Strategy in Action (SiA), the first innovative platform, developed by two ex-McKinsey, PhD consultant experts, proven to increase the success rate of your business strategy. 67% of companies fail to execute their strategies successfully. We help you reverse those odds.

Innovative and intuitive technology to streamline and supercharge your company's strategy outcomes. No more heavy word documents or out-of-date PowerPoint files. Our online application enables your team to directly collaborate on developing your strategy, using proven processes and frameworks, together with intelligent capabilities and tools, to structure and conduct the heavy lifting of strategy formulation & execution.

Want a proven end-to-end strategy at a fraction of the cost?

We help you to build, optimize and share your winning strategy with your whole organization within the SiA business strategy software.

Avoid being part of the 67% of businesses that fail to construct and execute a strategy with the SiA Platform, powered by our delivery of the Strategy in Action Program.

Empower your leadership team

Allow your executive team to be on the same page with a cohesive strategy plan that promotes accountability using the SiA Program.

Frame the strategic questions

SiA delivers proven frameworks and best practices, allowing you to structure the strategic questions for your business.

Data-driven decisions

We leverage the online SiA Platform, to deliver a workflow that guides you to the right data (within and outside your organization) to drive your more impactful business strategy.

Self learning tools

Enhance the skills of your leadership team using the integrated e-learning tools and methodological guidelines built into the SiA application, coaching you through the Platform.

SiA outputs

With the Strategy in Action Program, you will receive two different very tangible outputs.

Strategic Plan

A process in which an organization’s leaders, their management team, define their vision for the future and identify their company’s goals and objectives.

  • Define the right vision, mission and level of ambition.
  • Identify your business’s core strengths and weaknesses and build successful strategies to beat the competition.
  • Analyze the markets you compete in and identify profitable opportunities and critical threats to your business.
  • Identify the fitting strategic priorities to reach your vision.
  • Generate and visualize long-term financial scenarios while visualizing the expected impact of your strategic priorities.

Operating Plan

A practical document which outlines the key activities and targets an organization will undertake during a period of time, usually one year.

  • Transform your long-term strategic plan into an actionable short to mid-term execution plan.
  • Break down your strategic priorities into projects and initiatives, transforming them into everything your business needs to deliver.
  • The Operating Plan module fuels the entire organization to coordinate its actions through detailed financial projections.
  • Report and develop deep business cases, including details: OKRs, costs, investment projections and risk analysis.
  • "Before we partnered with The BIG Wave Group and their Virtual Advisory Board Service, our growth had stagnated. We needed fresh perspectives and expert guidance to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry. The access to a diverse pool of seasoned executives with industry-specific expertise has proven invaluable."

    Derek Myers

    Founder & CEO @ Neoti

  • "The Virtual Advisory Board Service continues to help us challenge our assumptions, provide strategic insights and develop a roadmap for sustainable growth. They handle everything from board member selection to meeting facilitation, allowing us to remain focused on implementing their actionable recommendations. This service has proven to be a game-changer for our business and we are excited to see what the future holds with their continued support."

    Dan Johnson

    Founder @ Toolsey

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